The beach of Paradise in Thassos

The beach of Paradise Beach Thassos is located in a distance of 20 km from the capital of the island, Limenas, and 28 km from Potos. It is by far the most beautiful and popular beach of Thassos because it combines the crystal turquoise water, the golden clean sand, and the deep green environment. It is definitely a small paradise, and its name is not by chance!

It is a long and wide beach and has very shallow waters, proper for sea and beach games such as racket ball, volleyball, Frisbee etc. There are absolutely no stones all over the beach making it perfect safe for children. Its depth is about 1 meter for the first 30-40 meters and then gradually deepens. Finally, at the beach of Paradise Beach Thassos, you will often see a lot of small constant waves which are a big part of both children’s and adult’s fun time!


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